How It Works

The Audience Response System consists of:

1) The Audience Response System software, which integrates with PowerPoint.

2) Voting pads / voting remotes used by your audience.

3) A USB receiver, which collects the audience responses. The data is then used by the Audience Response System software to display results on your PowerPoint presentation.

Using the Audience Response System at Your Event:

1. Assessing your event requirements

Send us a booking enquiry with your requirements. In order to assist best we will need to know what your event is about, the number of participants you expect and the date and location of your event.

Additionally if you require additional services such as the hiring of audio-visual equipment (projects, screens, audio systems, for example) or if you need assistance in coordinating other aspects of your event Audience Response System can assist.

2. Planning your presentation

You may prepare your own presentation in PowerPoint, or have us prepare it for you based on your brief. Your presentation will then be integrated with the Audience Response System system in order to provide scores for the multiple choice answers you have provided.

3. Setting up and testing

Presentation day has arrived and it’s time to set up. This includes setting up the computer or laptop, which will be used to control the presentation, and connecting it to the audio visual equipment.

Equipment is tested and a test-run of your presentation is done to ensure that everything is ready before your participants arrive.

4. Executing your presentation

For presentations at large venues voting remotes can be handed to participants as they enter the conference room. For presentations with fewer participants the voting pads can be handed to participants at their seats.

Your presentation may include a few informational slides before arriving at a question. When a “question” slide appears the count-down timer (usually 15 seconds) is activated at your command. Indicators appear subtly on the screen to give you an indication on the number of people who have responded so far. You can pause the timer before it ends if you want to wait for more people to respond.

Once votes have been collected you can present the results at the push of a button. Results can indicate the percentage of people who chose the correct answer and the percentages that chose the wrong answers.

Varying scores can be allocated to different answers. Once the presentation is complete you can opt to display the scores achieved by your participants. Each voting pad is allocated a unique number, which will display on the scoreboard.

Voting pads are collected from your participants before they leave.

5. Custom reporting

For your own internal use, custom reports can be generated based on the data collected during your presentation, allowing you to make your own analysis and informed decisions.

Ready to have the Audience Response System system integrated into your event programme?

Request a free demonstration or send us a booking enquiry to get the ball rolling.


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How an interactive voting system works